Statement regarding signing of agreement in Washington

A theatrical play with Serbia in role of puppet tool place yesterday as part of the election campaign of US President Donald Trump. A group of people from Serbia took part in that play, and they signed Constitution. This act is the brutal and clear no institutions, that we do not have diplomacy, much less democracy, but we have an unenlightened dictatorship in abundance.

some kind of document or agreement about unknown intentions and activities without authorization and outside boundaries of confirmation especially in these difficult times for Serbia, that there is no Parliament, no Government.

We all applaud to the good intentions of the United States,but we draw attention to the fact that this act has no legal validity, weight or obligation, even in parts that may be useful for Serbia. Legitimate decisions are yet to be made by the people of Serbia and the new democratic government, when it replace the autocratic regime after fair and democratic elections.

This new, recovered and Free Serbia will no longer need international moderators, puppeteers and negotiators because it will have the capacity and knowledge to fight corruption, lawlessness and crime in all aspects of life. Free Serbia will be able to arrange life for the benefit of the citizens of Serbia, with a clear and unconditional path to European integration and good neighborly relations in the interest of its people.


Lidija Kojić