Who we are


The Free Serbia Movement is a political organization of social-democratic orientation, which we formed dissatisfied with the current situation in the country. We are not professional politicians, but ordinary people, of all profiles and professions.

Founding assembly was held on February 1, 2020, and we have been growing continuously since then, because new members join us every day, first from Belgrade, Obrenovac, Rača and Prokuplje, but now also from all parts of Serbia.

We gathered because we share the common idea that it is possible to expel from power and prosecute all politicians who let us down because they were either incompetent or corrupt and that it is possible to establish a completely new social system and a healthy and humane community in Serbia.

Our first political goal is to dismantle the current harmful and intimidating, party-tycoon corrupt economic system that is leading the country to ruin, which means the removal of all incompetent and compromised people. It will not be easy, but it is necessary. An important part of that goal is the prosecution of all those who in the last 30 years have ruined the socio-political life of citizens generating corruption and lawlessness. The instruments for that will be lustration, verification of the origin of property, giving executive powers to institutions, such as the Anti-Corruption Agency and the Directorate for Prevention of Money Laundering, and most importantly – enabling the prosecutor’s office to work independently and professionally and protect citizens and the state.

Our second political goal is to build a functional state based on our real resources, to build a new humane society, an efficient and fully decentralized political, economic, business, legal and ecological system, for the benefit and needs of ordinary people. Achieving our new future will not be easy, but it is possible, and we offer a vision and a program on how to achieve it together.

Imagine a free Serbia, in which the old system was discontinued and dismantled and a new humane society was built!


All harmful, corrupt and illegal contracts of the previous government have been prosecuted.

All those who have abused public office, by doing or not doing, are permanently prohibited from holding public office and participating in political life.

The origin of the property of all previous and current politicians and holders of state functions in the public sector, including public companies, was investigated.

Corruption was eradicated and all illegally acquired property and facilities were confiscated.

Corrupt prosecutors were punished for selective and discriminatory prosecution or for intentional statute of limitations.

Outdated regulations, labyrinths of bureaucracy and discretionary decisions have been abolished.

Barriers have been set for political influence and corruption in all areas,

Employment based on political criteria is completely disabled.

All kinds of monopoly positions and privileges in business have been eradicated.

Any subsidies to foreign investors have been abolished.

Administrative barriers for business have been radically eliminated.

All tabloid and television polluters, instigators and poisoners have been expelled from the media scene, without the possibility of ever returning to it.

A ban on the construction of SHPP’s was introduced and all illegally issued permits were revoked.

All environmentally harmful contracts have been stopped, especially for the Belgrade waste incinerator.

The production of genetically modified food is prohibited on the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Any restrictions on the export of agricultural products have been lifted.

The possibility for state agricultural land, as a public resource, to be sold or alienated in any way has been abolished.

National sports were freed from scandals and fan hooligans were eliminated.

The realization of all secret and harmful agreements of the former government was prevented and they were permanently annulled.

Unions are encouraged to fight humiliating jobs that blackmail poor and vulnerable people across Serbia.

All machinations were re-examined, especially around the settlement of migrants.

The installation of untested technologies or information systems that are potentially dangerous to the health of the population has been prevented.

The reference national laboratories for the control of food imports and the production of medicines have been returned.

Obstacles in the procedure for importing drugs registered in the EU and in other developed countries have been removed.

Wide availability of medicines has been ensured and everyone has equal rights to treatment.


In Serbia, people live by European standards, while respecting democratic princ deiples and all human rights.

Serbia’s economy is growing on its own resources, with a tailor-made labor market.

In a socially responsible state governed by the rule of law, the same laws and law rule for all of us.

The worker is no longer a subject and does not survive but lives with dignity from his work.

Everyone has the right to personal bankruptcy and subsistence, the right to a roof over their heads, free education and free health insurance.

New simple, mutually harmonized and understandable laws are being passed.

The judiciary is an independent, autonomous and strong and efficient third state government.

The competencies of state prosecutors have been expanded and the full publicity of the election of judges and prosecutors has been ensured by laws.

Astronomical court fees and charges have been abolished and equal access to justice for all has been made possible.

Competitions are announced for all management positions and according to defined criteria, professional people with the right diplomas and careers are selected.

Decisions of interest to the local community are made and independently implemented at the local level.

Fundamental fiscal decentralization has been implemented and local communities have more financial resources, and the state helps communities where expenditures are higher than revenues.

Instead of one, Serbia is divided into several constituencies, and voting is also electronic.

Deputies and councilors, elected by the majority system, by name and surname, are true and direct representatives of the people.

A chancellery system has been introduced in which the assembly elects only the prime minister, and the government does not have more than a dozen ministries.

The election for mayors and county chancellors are direct.

Budget allocations for culture have been significantly increased and a strong and lasting place for culture in education and public space has been taken.

In the media with national frequency, a program of renewal of national culture and cultural heritage of national minorities is implemented.

The national culture has been widely promoted, the Community cultural centers are working again in the villages.

Huge penalties have been introduced for violating environmental standards, especially for air and water pollution.

A unified system of water protection and management and systematic management of environmental risks have been introduced.

Regional landfills are being built and hazardous waste is being removed from settlements.

Allocations for the development of science and the achievement of scientific research as the basis for the progress of a society have drastically increased.

All educators have been restored to financial dignity and a well-deserved place in society.

In schools and in faculties, the center is the student and his independent work.

Education develops creativity and freedom instead of passive reproduction.

School administrations are at the service of educators.

Parents are enabled to actively participate in the work of schools.

There is no more independent decision making of ministers in the field of education.

University education is non-profit.

Higher education aims at interactive, independent and research work of students, instead of outdated teaching.

Money from accession funds is used through the new development bank, so the money is no longer exposed to corruption or scattered in municipalities.

Interest free loans are given for starting production and building infrastructure.

The return of ownership over the alienated natural resources was carried out.

The agricultural budget is planned for periods of at least five years.

The state provides regression of fuel, organic fertilizer and means of protection.

Consolidation was carried out on the entire territory of Serbia.

Through assistance in the production of healthy food and the development and preservation of rural areas, balanced regional development is ensured.

Destructive maxima in terms of area, number of livestock, or storage and processing capacities as rights for subsidies in agriculture have been abolished.

Everyone has free and open access to sports and sports activities, wherever they live and regardless of personal abilities.

Primary health care within the right to free treatment is constantly strengthening.

Doctors are relieved of the administration, and the private sector is involved in the health care system as a whole.

The management of health care institutions is professional, the control of infectious diseases and the readiness of the health care system for emergency situations have been improved.

Security institutions have been returned to the service of Serbian citizens, by establishing civil control and uncompromisingly eradicating corruption.

The Spatial Development Strategy plans a well designed long term development and arrangement of the entire country.

Local self-governments independently adopt all spatial and urban plans, development strategies and programs for arranging land for developing and construction.

Mandatory direct involvement of all locals in the planning process, decision making and control of results.

In urbanism, the will of the neighborhood is heard first, then the profession and only finally the politicians.

The Serbian Chamber of Engineers has been transformed into autonomous and independent Chambers of Commerce.

Instead of the previous expensive political improvisations, a system of traffic planning has been established, which is based on the rule of law and the application of the profession.

Imagine a free Serbia like this!

We imagined it and we will fight for it. We invite all of you, who want us to finally live in a normal and orderly democratic state, to join us in that struggle.